With Kynd, it’s entirely your decision. Here are things to consider…

– Your qualifications, skills and past experience
– What hourly rates other similar Carers offer
– Typical prices in your area (higher or cheaper)
– Any special / rare skills you offer for Members
– How much competition exists in your region
– The ratings and reviews you have received

The average range most Carers request is between $32 – $44 p/h.

When starting with Kynd, you may offer a lower hourly rate to increase your booking requests and to help gain more reviews and ratings on your profile. You can always change your hourly rate also (up or down). 

All requests are unique and if needed, we can assist 'behind the scenes' to help you mutually agree a rate with a Member, or to offer a different hourly rate (ie. more travel or complexity, special programs / needs).